Excellent Service, Customer Satisfaction

  • 1st Floor, B13 AMAC Plaza, #2 Kabale Cl

  • Off Sultan Abubakar Way, Wuse Zone 3, Abuja

  • 08:00am - 5:00pm

  • Monday to Saturday

Company overview

The team at Eco Insurance Brokers (EIB) offers expert guidance and advice to ensure clients have the cover they need, at a competitive price.
As an insurance broker, we are responsible to you – our client – not the insurance company. This means that we are your advocate in any dealings you have with the insurance company, from underwriting through to claim time.

With decades of experience, we know that not all insurance policies (or insurers) are created equal. For your cover to do its job, it is vitally important that its scope and size matches exactly what you need.
We review a wide range of insurance products available from leading insurers to select and recommend the policy we believe will serve you best. And we’re there for you for the long term as your advisor for all your general insurance requirements.


To be one of the top 5 insurance Brokers market leaders with global reputation for highest standards by the year 2022.


To be an Insurance Broker of first choice, committed to providing excellent and quality services with highest ethical standards and meeting the expectations of both our shareholders and esteemed customers.


We guarantee you with the best advice, ensuring the most appropriate covers at competitive prices.

The satisfaction of our customers need is an integral part of our business. This is basically the focal point of our businesses. In satisfying customers need , we will stop at nothing in making Eco Insurance Brokers the insurance brokerage firm of choice in the mind of our customer. This will be achieved by prompt settlement of claims and empathizing with our clients in the event of an occurrence of a claim.

We at all point look at new ideas and insight to draw our customers business forward. This has become imperative because we live in an ever changing society and to meet the demands of the day, we must continually introduce new innovations and ideas of meeting and even surpassing expectation of our customers.

The salt of every insurance brokerage firm is its ability to respond to its customers claims as at when due. In Eco Insurance Brokers, we are astute and readily reacting to issues of claims and other customer service (s). We are also willing to offer free advisory services as the need arises.

It is our desire to consistently say what we do and do what we say. We are known for being highly principled and in compliance with the insurance ethical standard while upholding honesty and truth.
Our consistency with actions, values, methods, measured principles, expectations and outcomes are in tandem with international best practices.

The passion for what we believe in and do defines the kind of organization we are and our customer experience. At Eco Insurance Brokers, we are passionate about building a world class customer experience that is focused on adding value while aiming at service excellence.

The team spirit enjoyed at Eco Insurance Brokers has made it possible for every input from customers and staff alike leading us to our success story. We will be ready and willing to play along with you like team mates in delivering superior and sustainable insurance services like never experienced before. We treat our clients as team members and not as opposing teams.


We are persuaded that claim is settlement is a major part of an insurance contract; an obligation to our customers. Thus, we process and follow up claims based on equity, transparency and intent of our customers. Our claims administration is proactive and responsive that we strive to pursue the settlement of every claim, within 2 weeks of the formal report of the incident to us.

Company History

If there’s one thing that forty years of experience has taught us, it’s that no two businesses are the same.

  • 2001

    Start with a small Business

    Registered as an insurance Brokerage firm and licensed to transact Life, General and Special Risk Businesses

  • 2011

    First Recognition

    Repositioned to become an Innovative, Technologically efficient and rebranded company with a core mandate to provide excellent service, satisfy the customer and provide world class insurance services at all times

  • 2017

    Regional Favorite

    Became a brand of first choice in the Nigeria Insurance Industry with global reputation of providing excellent quality services, highest ethical standard and thus exceeding expectations of both shareholders and esteemed customers